Clyde Edgerton...
"If I could write like Hubert can record, I'd win the Nobel Prize."
Ryan Williams of Abilene...
"As a novice in the recording studio, working with Hubert Deans was very beneficial. He is not only knowledgable and professional in his field, but the laid back and friendly atmosphere made recording fun. Thanks Hubert."
Marlene Whitaker - Custom Freestyle...
"Since 1994, I have worked at Snow Hill Music creating musical programs for international dressage horses. I am continually delighted by Hubert's effort, ingenuity, and creativity to my many challenges during this tedious process, so I keep making the 500 mile round trip!"
Sheva Zucker...
"I have been working at Snow Hill Music for about seven years editing instructional language and spoken word recordings. During this time Hubert Deans has recorded voice, song, and instrumental music for my projects, and has restored old tapes. Since I am not a sound engineer I will let others who know the profession wax on about his capabilities in that field, suffice it to say I have always been satisfied. More important, I have always been impressed with Hubert on the human level. It is a pleasure to work with him. He is friendly, honest, generous and completely reliable. He returns phone calls, can be depended upon to do needed tasks between sessions, accomodates his schedule to yours as much as possible, and gives generously of his time. You never feel that you are being ripped off, on the contrary , you are getting more than you paid for!"
Dr. Sheva Zucker, German Dept. Duke University
Dane Ferguson Music, ASCAP...
"The CD looks and sounds great. Thanks so much for being willing to work with me on the changes in the deliver of the CD. When I first met you, I thought you were very customer friendly. I love it when my business judgements are correct.There is no doubt in my mind that you believe in great customer service. I greatly value that."


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In His Service
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The Healing Force

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